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Low Testosterone

Testosterone deficiency is a more common or an ordinary problem amongst men than you would like to believe. Most men tremble away from the idea of seeing a doctor just to avoid hearing the words or thinking it is a problem that has affected them alone. On the contrary, that is not the case at all. More and more people today are hurt by the same problem and the problem seems to grow with increasing age.

Another reason that men fail to consult a doctor is that 85% of them are unfamiliar with the problem. In case you suspect or notice yourself of possessing erectile dysfunction(ED), it is time that you paid the sexologist a visit. The main objective is to not to be scared and not to shy away from it but to consult a doctor and cure the problem.

Men encounter different symptoms of low testosterone, or low T. From obvious disorder such as lowered libido, loss of body or facial hair, fatigue, increase in body fat, or mood swings to not so obvious breakdown of tissues in the body, loss of bone mass, and reduced semen count.

# Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone symptoms might include persistent:

  •   Difficulty getting a proper erection
  •   Trouble keeping an erection
  •   Trouble keeping an erection
  •   Reduced sexual desire
  •   Too much sensitivity
  •   Low libido.
  •   Constant fatigue.
  •   Low Semen Volume
  •   Loss of muscle mass.
  •   Decreased bone mass.

# Causes of Low Testosterone

  •   Old age
  •   HIV/AIDS
  •   Stress and anxiety
  •   Addiction to nicotine and alcohol
  •   Narcotics abuse
  •   Physical injuries
  •   Nervous disorders
  •   Diabetes
  •   Obesity and high cholesterol
  •   Cardiac disease and heart complications
  •   Metabolic Syndrome
  •   Too much penis sensitivity
  •   Clogged blood vessels.

# Role of Ayurveda in Low Testosterone

According to Ayurveda, Low Testosterone is basically a condition of low energy. Generally, vitiation of Vata dosha is answerable for Klaibya or Low Testosterone. On the basis of the cause, seven types of Klaibya are mentioned in Ayurvedic texts, Shukrakshayaj is caused by the deficiency of Shukra dhatu, Vyadhij is caused by some other disease like diabetes, Shukranirodhaj is caused by suppression of sexual urge and Sahaj means congenital.

Treatment methods used for low testosterone rely upon the specific cause and nature of the condition. Ayurveda provides an effective solution to the problem of impotence through long-established healing methods. Ayurvedic treatment makes use of traditional herbal medicine that antidotes the condition and prevents it from reoccurring.

In Ashtanga Ayurveda, sexual dysfunction like these is treated through medication composed of vajikarana herbs. 'Vaji' is the Sanskrit word for a horse, which is an age-old symbol of manhood and sexual potency. These herbs have been formally used to cure conditions related to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, lack of libido and male infertility.

# Natural Herbs used for curing Sexual Weakness

  •   Ginkgo: Ginkgo biloba is a herb that practitioners have used for thousands of years to treat a number of health conditions. Examples include dementia, anxiety, stress and poor blood circulation to the brain.
  •   Ashwagandha:Ashwagandha is one of the herbs that has the capability of boosting the stamina and giving an individual increase in sexual stamina. It is a herb that cures all problem of erectile dysfunction.
  •   Ginseng: Ginseng is the herb that helps in maintaining the whole health. It helps in boosting the brain and many other problems like erectile dysfunction. Ginseng helps in promoting the production of nitric oxide, a compound that helps in improving muscle relaxation in the penis and increases the blood circulation.
  •   Saffron: : Saffron has its own importance in curing sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction and many more disorders. Saffron helps to enhance penis size and getting sexual desires.
  •   Shatavari: Shatavari is an ingredient that helps in providing a boost to your desire for intimacy. Shatavari helps in enhancing reproductive and digestive health. Shatavari helps in maintaining fertility.
  •   Salab Misri: Salab Misri helps in several functions like the circulation of blood treating fatigue to enhance strength and energy. It is best for all-round development of health. Salab Misri helps to promote normal hormone secretion in men. It stimulates male sexual performance and sexual drive and sexual intercourse desire.

#  Why Choose Sanjeevani Booti?

Sanjivani Booti is a total cure medicine for males who are suffering from sexual dysfunction problems. We use natural herbs which helps in boosting the stamina and getting the proper erection of the penis. The best part is that My Sanjivani Booti is considered to be one of the best low testosterone medicines with zero side effects. We provide the best herbal low testosterone or erectile dysfunction medicines. We use natural herbal remedies which play a very important role in boosting the stamina in males. There are many other companies selling their products and people are not getting satisfactory results. We use various herbs like Ashwagandha, Ginseng, Shatavri.

Ginseng is considered one of the best herbs for gaining a proper erection and to get rid of low testosterone. These herbs are used for ages to get the proper erection of the penis. These are one of the precious herbs we used in our low testosterone medicines which help people to get their sex life back.


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